Automatic changelogs generation

Know WHEN and WHAT has changed when the GitHub OSS project you use released a new version!


Let us help you

Save your time and money

Projects with no changelogs management end up having some code reinvented instead of reused. Creating a changelog takes time. Usually a developer has to spend 1 to 6 hours of work for such a task. Depending on a size of the project and the release strategy this may lead to tens or hundreds of wasted hours.

We are automating this work, so a developer has more time for programming.

Using Libverse you will

Make your changelogs reliable

It’s a human nature to make mistakes, overlook some items, omit the important things. Creating changelogs manually is an error prone task. This costs real money.

We bring you complete, concise and always reliable information about what, where and when was changed.


We make sure you will

Never miss a changelog update again

It’s easy to get lost in the amount of library changes today. A developer has no way to get informed immediately after a change is done ending up in reading a bunch of repositories or blogs, asking the right people about the changes.

We address this issue by letting you know if anything changes. As soon as it changes. Now relax and have a cup of your favorite beverage.